Michael J. O'Steen Adjutant - 1/24/2019


Please join State Commander Tony Dobbins and Congratulate the following Post Commanders and Members for breaking the 100% membership mark.

District 1--George Edward Smith VFW Post 4985, Dalton, Post Commander Harvey Roach, 101.49%, and

District 3—John O McCart VFW Post 2938, Covington, Post Commander Michael French, 100%, and

District 3—Lt Tyler Hall Brown VFW Post 12164, Atlanta/Buckhead, Post Commander William Makepeace, 100% !


These three posts now bring the Department level to 18 Posts at 100% membership or higher! And 7 Posts that have breached 105% in membership, to be placed on the "Team 105” list!

Keep up the good work, and

Thanks for all you do,


Michael J. O’Steen


VFW Department of Georgia