Michael J. O'Steen Adjutant - 1/14/2019


Lucky number 13 has arrived…. Please join State Commander Tony Dobbins and congratulate Post Commander Gary Tisdale and the membership of Warner Robins Memorial VFW Post 6605 for becoming our most recent Post to break the 100% membership mark, and they did it in style at 102.60%!!!! Congratulations Warner Robins!!  Keep your sights on Team 105—and join the other 7 posts already on that team (7402 Buchanan, 5899 Washington, 6686 Eatonton, 5745 Swainsboro, 6077 Hawkinsville, 6126 Perry, and 1777 Valdosta).

Keep up the good work, Department membership is growing—our Target is 85% by the end of January….If your post is below that number—you know what to do..

Thanks for all you do,


Michael J. O’Steen