Jeff Carroll State Sr Vice Commander - 12/13/2018

Comrades, we're halfway through December and almost halfway through the year. I hope your holidays are everything you want them to be. Merry Christmas and we hope all your holidays are happy and safe.


This is a great time to check up on your post members to make sure they are doing well. It's also an excellent time to boost your membership. Many Subscription memberships expire at the end of December so let's follow-up with those members to help keep them current. 


As we are out and about, we also have great opportunities to share what the VFW does in the community as we continue to grow in Georgia. We are united to continue to support Georgia's veterans and surviving family members. We are committed to ensuring our brothers and sisters are taken care of and not forgotten. United We Stand.


Thank-you for all you do to show the commitment of your post and the Veterans of Foreign Wars. The VFW Department of Georgia will grow this year because we are an active and vital part of each of our communities. There is an energy growing in the VFW because we are on a mission and making a difference. 


Enjoy your holidays and keep the VFW fire lit. Recruit as you go out in the community. Retain as you check on your members. National is still rewarding the post that grows the most in each membership division this month. The holiday season is an opportunity to grow the VFW spirit and membership. It's also an opportunity to solidify our commitment to the VFW mission. Georgia is growing. Make it happen.



Jeff Carroll

State Sr Vice Commander, VFW Dept of Georgia